She Recites

Dedicated to Traditional Female Scholars and Reciters

She Recites is a project dedicated to presenting the stories of female scholars of traditional Islam, Quran Reciters, Poets and Devotional Artists from around the world.  Despite there being a rich heritage of female leadership and spiritual activism within Islam, for various reasons,  their work often stays hidden. This project intends to provide a space for the powerful stories and experiences of such women to be told and archived, so as to engage and inspire other women and future generations to come, inshaAllah.

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Halima Krausen

Interview with a German Muslim Theologian & Scholar

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Taslim Alam aka Ukhttee

Interview with an Australian Entrepreneurial Alimah 

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Noshin Gul

Interview with the winner of “The Most Impactful Alimah UK” award 2020

Now available to listen & download! 

About Us


Jumana Moon

Jumana Moon is a traditional storyteller from England with a particular love of stories from Islamic tradition. Jumana tells stories from sacred texts as well as drawing on the vast sea of Islamic folklore and wisdom tales. Jumana enjoys close links and collaborations with many Muslim women artists, poets, singers, drummers and scholars.

Jumana is passionate about the nexus of creativity & Islam and the richness of women’s devotional arts. She tells stories to both children and adults at a wide range of events and venues.  Jumana co-hosts SheRecites and brings her depth of experience in storytelling as well as inquisitive nature and love for her fellow community to the podcast


Anjum Kasmani

Anjum Kasmani is a British Kenyan Indian and the founder of Desert Echo Daff School, a school dedicated to bringing the Islamic tradition of Daff and nasheed to Muslims in the West. From a young age Anjum grew up with access to spiritual scholars, women of knowledge, and those dedicated to devotional arts.

In 2007 she moved to Jordan for a year where she experienced the positive effect of women only spaces first hand and witnessed female scholarship at a new level. For the last 13 years Anjum has been dedicated to honouring the female only devotional space and has trained hundreds of students in Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Daff and Nasheeds as well as performing for many female only audiences around the world. Anjum now lives in Sydney Australia, where she co-hosts the SheRecites Podcast, bringing an engaging enthusiasm, animated style and keen people skills to the discussions.

Let's celebrate the lasting legacy of female scholars, reciters and devotional artists to the Islamic tradition by telling their stories!

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